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A Healthier You October 2012
October 22, 2012


October 2012

Welcome back to a new edition of our newsletter "A Healthier You"!

It has been a while since our last newsletter. The reason why our newsletters have been scarce lately is that we have been very busy to update and re-design our website and to work on new features to offer you even more. We are currently working on re-designing our newsletter as well. This will be another thing to look forward to next time. This issue will only be a short update to let you know about the changes and additions we've made so far.

Wishing you the very Best of Health,
Stephanie Banko

ABC-of-Vitamins new Design

ABC-of-Vitamins has a newer, fresher look with easier navigation. We've also updated all information provided on our website. Go and have a look at our new design.

ABC-of-Vitamins Site Blog

Don't miss our news. You can now get all our updates conveniently delivered to your online reader or your inbox. Our Site Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Website. It...

  • lets you know when new Webpages appear
  • keeps you up-to-date with postings and news (like the NEW "Health and Wellness Challenge")
  • lets you know when we mail out our e-Newsletter (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue)

To subscribe to the ABC-of-Vitamins Site Blog, RIGHT-click on the orange RSS button and then copy-and-paste the URL of this site's RSS feed into your RSS reader (no e-mail address necessary). OR if you would prefer to receive email updates, click Subscribe by Email to activate your subscription.

Health and Wellness Challenge

We are really excited to offer you our NEW "Health and Wellness Challenge"! The Health and Wellness Challenge is a FREE program that offers a series of educational videos, audios and more. We'll also offer expert advise and a helpline to guide and support you toward a healthier lifestyle.

Of all the factors that influence the quality of someone's life, physical health and wellbeing may be the most important. You simply cannot be your best in any endeavor or relationship if you do not feel your best.

The "Health and Wellness" Challenge is divided into two parts:
Each Phase can be joined individually, however, if you are planning to join Phase 2, it is highly recommended to start with Phase 1.

The first part of our "Health and Wellness Challenge" is a 16 day herbal-based Body Cleansing and Detox Program.
The second part of our "Health and Wellness Challenge" will attack your excess baggage.

We would like to help you achieve and maintain your goals on your journey to optimal wellness. Everyone is welcome to participate!

PS: We would like to ask for your help. Can you help us get the word out so others can have better health in their life as well? Please tell everyone about our Website and our new Health and Wellness Challenge. Thank you so much! Let's go impact the health community together!

If you like this newsletter, please do a friend and us a big favour and "pay it forward." If a friend forwarded this newsletter to you and you have enjoyed reading it, subscribe by visiting ABC-of-Vitamins "A Healthier You".

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