Herbs and Spices

A fresh herb garden makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen. They are beautiful, aromatic and delicious. Surrounding yourself with herbs not only provides you with an appetizing scent but also with a natural air purifier.

Herbs and spices are not only useful for seasoning your meals, many herb and spice extracts contain the antioxidant phenol which is considered to have the ability of preventing the formation of destructive compounds caused by diabetes and aging. Herbs are packed with oils containing super-potent fat-soluble antioxidants.

Eating fresh food is one of the best ways of getting the most nutrition from the foods you eat. It generally takes a little more of a fresh herb than of a dried version. Try about three times as much when measuring.

In addition to their culinary purpose, many herbs are known for their amazing healing properties. Natural leaves, stems, roots, bark, buds, flowers and seeds of many herbs have been used as medicinal agents for centuries.

You can also create natural and organic skin care products from ingredients in your own kitchen. Skip the nasty chemicals and hefty price tags and use seasonal fruit and vegetables, essential oils, mud, salts, milk.... simple yet effective ingredients for all natural skincare recipes.

How to start a successful Herb Garden

Secret No 1:

  • find a sunny spot to start your garden

Secret No 2:

  • use good soil and allow for space to grow

Secret No 3:

  • cut leaves and stems off the top, not the sides

Secret No 4:

  • handle your herbs gently for full flavour and potency

Growing your own herbs and spices is a healthy and fun way to get the whole family involved!

This is how we started:

now we've added a few vegetables:

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